Ardyss Angel Bra for Your Health

The first bras were manufactured over one hundred years ago. Over the last fifty years the bra has transformed the way that women interact with intimate garments. It is truly one of the most necessary garments in a woman’s wardrobe and can express her sensuality and contour her body to make her feel beautiful but for most woman its about the functionality. Though the modern day bra continues to be revolutionized and undergo constant changes many manufacturers fail to understand that it not only needs to look good it needs to support the breasts.

The Angel Bra by Ardyss International breaks from traditional styles and provides function and beauty in a designs that meets the anatomy of a woman ‘s body. The design of the Angel Bra takes the majority of the guess work out of finding a bra that meets your needs, it provides support for 75% of the breasts tissue and distributes the weight evenly through a cross suspension system and comes in 240 sizes.

Ardyss has created a garment that has been scientifically shown to relax the muscles of the shoulders and prevent pain and correct posture and support the body. The garment provides full coverage of the breasts tissue, helps improve breast health, prevents deformation, and keep the breast tissue and fluid flowing consistent.

Accordingly all the Ardyss International intimate garments were designed to provide benefits to the body in a specific region depending on your goals. The Angel Bra is no different and because of its overall benefits for breast health it can can reposition the breasts between the second and seventh ribs its anatomical correct position, in addition its unique cross suspension system design can prevent breasts from sagging decreasing stretch marks, and help relieve pre-menstrual breast pain.

The Angel Bra is a perfect garment at any age of breast development. It can be used by young adolescent woman at the onset of breast development and has been cited to ensure proper posture and breast tissue development which many bras fail to provide because of the low-grade fabric and elastic straps. As women age our bodies change and begin to become less resilient and the additional wear and tear and breast weight can cause back, neck and shoulder pain which can be detrimental to overall health and is preventable with a high quality bra.

While many women don’t have the option of being measured for a bra it is simple to get a great fit because the Angel Bra comes in 240 sizes and can be used in throughout stages of development. For example, during pregnancy women experience significant changes in hormone levels and breast growth and tenderness and the Angel Bra can prevent many of the uncomfortable experiences associated with pregnancy because of its design it can help with support and spontaneous discharge and support comfortable lactation. Most OB-GYNs and midwives recommend wearing a nursing bra instead you can wear the Angel Bra throughout your pregnancy and post-partum because of its design.

While 85% of women wear underwire bras, they are traditionally cited as not being harmful for breast tissue and proper blood circulation. However, the research is inconclusive and regardless of the findings a quality bra that helps maintain breast health at any age is why you should consider Ardyss International’s Angel Bra.

Breast Care & Wellness

Perhaps there’s breast tenderness, pain, an infection, or breast lumps or cysts, there are nutritional and herbal remedies that can give you relief or eliminate the problem altogether. Read on to learn about proven and highly recommended natural remedies for optimal breast health.

For Breast Cysts

Burdock improves lymphatic circulation and reverses abnormal cellular changes. Use 30 drops of tincture three to five times daily. Renowned herbalist, Susun Weed, recommends drinking 1 cup of burdock infusion daily for up to 2 years. This infusion is prepared by adding 8 ounces boiling water to 2 teaspoons burdock root and covering for 4 hours. Strain and drink.

Fatty Acids are recommended and it helps your breast health if you consume 1 to 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily.

Sea vegetables contain iodine which helps relieve or prevent fibrocystic breast changes caused by iodine deficiency. Kelp is a favorite which also helps with weight loss.

Poke root infused in organic olive oil and vitamin E massaged to affected areas helps cysts or lumps to dissolve.

Drinking red clover tea affects hormone levels to help decrease breast lumps by softening them. In Breast Cancer? Breast Health!, Weed recommends to drink up to 1 quart of infusion daily. Pour 32 ounces of boiling water over 10 teaspoons of dried red clover flowers; Cover and steep for 15 minutes. Strain and enjoy with honey.

Vitamin E is recommended by many physicians and has been shown to eliminate cysts. This vitamin helps hormones circulate to the breast and softens lumps. The recommended amount to take daily is 400 to 800 international units.

Avoid caffeine.

To Treat Fluctating Hormones

Take 40 drops vitex tincture in a small amount of water daily or 80 to 240 mg in capsule form for at least 6 months to eliminate benign breast cysts and cyclical breast pain.

Place raw cabbage leaves inside your bra to help stabilize hormone fluctuations.

For Breast Pain

Massage from the chest outward with organic olive oil applying as much pressure as is comfortable.

Use 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and add 8 ounces of boiling water. Drink up to 3 cups daily until symptoms subside.

Take 30 drops of vitex during your menstrual cycle for quick pain relief. Sometimes it takes up to 3 cycles to work.

For Mastitis

Drink 1 to 4 cups of honeysuckle infusion. Prepare by using 2-3 teaspoons of the dried flowers per 8 oz cup of boiling water. Steep for 4 hours. Cool and strain. Lonicera japonica works to eliminate many different pathogens including strep and staph.

Rubbing your breast area with lemon juice helps to prevent infections.

Place raw cabbage leaves in the breast to relieve inflammation, especially helpful when weaning.

For Water Retention and Swelling

Dandelion root is a popular diuretic and can be taken at a dose of 250 to 500 mg capsules three times a day with meals, or follow the directions on the label.

Alfalfa is a great source of phytoestrogens while it also eliminates fluid retention. For the extract take 1/4 teaspoon twice a day or take capsules as recommended on label.

Natural Breast Enhancement

Women are never happy with their figure, and this includes their breasts. Many turn to surgery and spend thousands on unnecessary treatment. If only they knew they could enhance their breasts safely, naturally and inexpensively.

Ratio of Good to Bad Estrogens Influences Your Breast Cancer Risk

Women are inexorably bound to the hormone Estrogen and the ups and downs that it may bring, but all estrogen is NOT the same. In terms of breast cancer risk, there are actually TWO relevant estrogens. One can INCREASE breast cancer risk; the other can DECREASE it- and the ratio of the two is Vital for breast health.

While women have many different estrogens in their body, the estrogen compounds called 2-hydroxyestrone and 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone are by far the most important for breast health. 2-hydroxyestrone is considered ‘The Good Estrogen’ because its presence doesn’t seem to increase breast cancer risks, and MAY even be protective against it. However, 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone is considered ‘The Bad Estrogen’ because its presence seems to INCREASE risk and has even been called a cancer CAUSING agent! All women have both estrogens, but each woman has a different RATIO, and this ratio is more important to health than the total AMOUNTS of the estrogens.

“In every experimental model in which 2-hydroxylation was increased, protection against tumors was achieved. Correspondingly, when 2-hydroxylation was decreased, an increase in cancer risk was observed.” ‘2-hydroxyestrone: the ‘good’ estrogen’

Researchers know this because simple urinary testing of these estrogen metabolites consistently show that women with breast cancer have a Lower Ratio of good to bad estrogen than women who did not. But this ratio extends beyond breast cancer, with a higher ratio shown to also be protective against ALL estrogen sensitive cancers- such as cervical and endometrial cancer. Even more interesting is that this test has been used in studies to determine if Lifestyle Changes can help to reduce the risk. Women with a low 2/16 ratio, meaning they had a high risk, who instituted lifestyle changes were able to Favorably Increase their ratio and reduce their risk. This has FAR-REACHING implications to women everywhere who could be measurably reducing their risk of breast cancer by exercising, eating more targeted estrogen binding foods and taking specific food-based supplements. In separate studies, each of these strategies brought the 2/16 ratio into a more favorable balance, showing that diet and exercise absolutely are able to modify risk in certain women.

“As 16 alpha OHE1 has been shown to initiate neoplastic transformation of mammary epithelial cells, the 2/16 alpha-OHE1 ratio may serve as a biomarker of increased risk of breast cancer.” ‘Urinary 2/16 alpha-hydroxyestrone ratio: correlation with serum insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 and a potential biomarker of breast cancer risk.’

However, most doctors will simply not use the 2/16 OH Estrogen Test, even though it is widely available and requires only a simple urine sample. This inexpensive technology is able to MEASURE and QUANTIFY breast cancer risk long before any actual cancers begin, allowing women to institute lifestyle changes early and effectively. And THAT strategy could easily threaten the profits of the mammogram, drug and surgery cartel that passes for what we consider breast care in the medical system today.